Hey, I'm Kayla.

A first-time mom, certified personal trainer, health coach & self-development junkie. My mission is to help moms everywhere get stronger, physically AND mentally.  Being a mom is not an excuse, it's the very reason you should be working on getting stronger every single day. 


What can you expect from me?
Safe and efficient workouts, health and fitness tips, all things personal development including habit hacks and strategies to stay focused. 
Within my communities you'll find:
Lots of accountability, support and never-ending growth in a judgement-free space.


My mission is to EMPOWER mama bears with the right tools to never stop learning and growing, to encourage you to start seeing motherhood as your superpower, not your weakness. 


"Kayla helped me change/modify my workouts the whole time I was pregnant and after my c-section. My postpartum recovery was very fast, because I was able to continue exercise safely."

Rosie A.

"This one of a kind, full circle approach was exactly what I needed to help me not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. Kayla has helped me fix my DR, improved posture, decreased my anxiety and made me feel like a good mom."

Stacy K.

"I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight within a couple weeks [and] my diastasis recti was corrected. I am so thankful to Kayla for helping me maintain my fitness in a safe way."

Erin O.

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